Permanent Residence

Canada welcomes thousands of newcomers each year. Foreign nationals interested in moving to Canada may apply for permanent residence. Permanent resident... Read More

Temporary Residence

Each year, millions of people come to Canada on a temporary basis as visitors, students, and workers. At Sherritt Greene, we help individuals from all o... Read More

Employing Foreign Workers

To employ a foreign worker, employers generally require a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) confirming that they are unable to find a qual... Read More

Refugee Protection

Every year, individuals fearing persecution, violence, or oppression in their home countries look to Canada as a place of refuge. The Canadian Charter of R... Read More

Immigration Litigation

Like any legal procedure, immigration proceedings are subject to setbacks and roadblocks. When an immigration application is refused, it is important to... Read More


Although permanent resident status carries the right to live, work, and study in Canada on a permanent basis, it can be taken away in certain circumstan... Read More