Canadian Citizenship – Grants

Although permanent resident status carries the right to live, work, and study in Canada on a permanent basis, it can be taken away in certain circumstances, including proof of misrepresentation in obtaining permanent resident status, conviction of a serious criminal offence, or absence from Canada for more than two years in any five-year period. Citizenship, on the other hand, offers virtual immunity from removal from Canada, except where permanent resident status or citizenship was obtained by false representation or fraud. Citizenship also offers voting rights, greater ability to travel, and eligibility for certain benefits.

Permanent residents are eligible for Canadian citizenship once they meet the residency and language requirements and pass the citizenship test. In recent years, the Canadian Government has applied more scrutiny to citizenship applications, often requiring applicants to establish their compliance with the residency requirement by producing documentary evidence of their physical presence in Canada. Sherritt Greene can assist you in satisfying the decision maker that you meet the requirements for citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship – By Birth to a Canadian Parent

Individuals can also acquire citizenship by being born to a Canadian citizen parent. Over the past decades, the Canadian Government has made numerous amendments to the Canadian Citizenship Act. Due to these changes, individuals who did not previously qualify may now be Canadian citizens. If you were born to a Canadian parent, Sherritt Greene can assist you in determining whether you have a claim to Canadian

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